Luke McConnie


Hello I'm Luke, a dedicated and creatively driven footwear designer, based in the United Kingdom, with over 15 years of experience working within the sporting goods and fashion industry


  • Able to solve complex design problems and quick at generating ideas with superb sketching and rendering skills.

  • Strong team player with the ability and desire to support, challenge and inspire my colleagues.

  • Able to produce upper and outsole tech packs, communicating effectively to product developers and factories.

  • Effective in meeting deadlines with strong planning and organisational skills with the ability to improve processes.

  • Able to implement a strong and coherent design language showcasing a clear understanding for brand empathy.

  • Skilled at interpreting, contributing to and challenging product briefs.

  • Effective at working to different price points and target FOB’s in order to achieve the desired margin.

  • Proficient in presenting ideas and design work to design teams, range teams, marketing and function directors.

  • Extensive experience working with Leathers, Synthetics, textiles and knitted constructions.

  • Place the consumer at heart of the decision making process, with good knowledge of global markets and trends.

  • Decisive eye for detail and refinement, with an acute understanding of shape and proportion.

  • Excellent technical shoemaking knowledge including frequent overseas factory experience.

  • Efficient and technically skilled at using Adobe Illustrator, photoshop and Sketchbook Pro.

10 simple statements...

  • I love to create, it's when I’m most happy, I'm lucky to do what I do daily.

  • My best ideas often occur whilst in solitude, or, from a being in nature, this is when my mind is most free.

  • I believe things that are acceptable to the masses are generally mediocre, I never settle for mediocre.

  • I detest loud mouths, know-it-alls and a closed mind mentality.

  • I like to question the status quo and challenge conventional thinking. I see things from perspectives others do not, I also seek to look at things from others point of view.

  • I am sometimes guilty of pursuing perfection, I can obsess over the smallest detail, but I know how to get things done.

  • I attribute curiosity as one of my greatest assets, and look for inspiration in many different places.

  • I like to help and see others succeed; my ambition is to make a positive and lasting impact on our industry.

  • Failure has not stopped me from trying again; I’ve learned that sometimes when we lose we can also win.

  • All of this has allowed me to become the person and designer I am today.